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Everything you could want … except the kitchen sink!

Kohler faucet on my new old kitchen sink!

Kohler faucet on my new old kitchen sink!

You’ve heard the story of my fight to save my kitchen sink by now. If you haven’t check out Episode 11 of the Southern Romance web TV series and you’ll get to hear the story (and see the sink!)

The sink is a beauty. It kind of symbolizes what I wanted to do with the Southern Romance house when I bought it: take it from old and neglected and rough around the edges and awaken its original beauty – while preserving the home’s history.

Who knew that an old white enamel sink could be a metaphor for a big home restoration project? But it was.

So I fought and pushed and got all stubborn on the folks that tried to throw my drain board sink away. I argued and ranted and may have even stamped my foot in frustration (OK, that bit’s probably not true). But then a truly wonderful thing happened.

I got my way.

No, that wasn’t the wonderful thing – although I was happy I did.

My good friends at Kohler came on board with my project as sponsors. Now you might associate Kohler with ultra-modern bathrooms and ultra-cool kitchen fixtures and fittings – but that’s not all they do and that’s where I got to have fun.

Their catalogues are beautiful and jam packed full of shiny chrome and porcelain goodness. I was able to choose faucets and taps and pot fillers and more that perfectly suited the Arts & Crafts / Victorian design style of my home.

Now, you may know that I sometimes take a little while to decide on things.  If you asked my co-worker Richard about how long into the night it took me to order lights – as well as how many pages of catalogues I spread across a very large B&B dining room table – he might give you a less than flattering impression of me.

Southern Romance kitchen

My beautiful Southern Romance kitchen

But when it came to my kitchen sink I was laser-like in my focus. My heart and my head combined in total harmony and I zeroed in on the perfect Kohler faucet. It was the right style, the right colored metal and was exactly what I wanted.

And that’s when the second wonderful thing happened.

Not only was my sink saved from the dumpster. Not only was it re-glazed to a brilliant white shine. Not only was it installed in my amazing kitchen.

But the Kohler faucet fit.

It did. Despite the sink being ancient and the faucet and plug hole being created decades ago, Kohler’s hardware was a perfect match.

So my little dream of a drain board sink came true. And a little bit of history was preserved.

Sometimes joy can be found in the strangest of places.d


Full disclosure: this was a sponsored post as part of the Southern Romance project. I am truly grateful to all our amazing sponsors for helping me to restore the Morgan-Ford House in Mobile, Alabama.

The products I chose from Kohler included faucets and fittings from the Artifacts range, vanities from the Damask and Albery ranges, and Portrait and Kathryn sinks. You can find them all on the Kohler website at


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  1. Larry J. Smith #

    Kohler makes good products and stands behind the quality…Phantom Screens should follow their practices. Bad product, Bad Installers, Bad Customer service. Cancelled the door I bought from your company because of poor measurements and poor installers.

    Thank god I bought it from Lowes and was able to get my $500.00 back. Never shopping for these services from Lowes again too many undependable and fly by night vendors like yours for me.

    November 18, 2016
    • Hi Larry. I am so sorry to hear of your experience – that’s not what we want at all. The only way we can keep getting better at what we’re doing is to learn from our mistakes, so if you feel comfortable emailing your contact details to, we’d love to reach out and talk to you further.

      Again, I’m really sorry that Phantom Screens didn’t match your expectations – and I would love to learn more about what happened and earn the opportunity to make things right.


      November 18, 2016
  2. Katie O'Connor #

    Hi Esther, I stumbled upon your Southern Romance series on today and just had to stop by to tell you how much I enjoyed your journey. The series was of interest to me because I’ve always been of love of the southern craftsman style homes and restoring one would be a dream come true for me as well! But I have to say what I loved most about your story was how you learned the home’s history and were fortunate to meet some of the family members that once called that beautiful place home! I think my favorite moment was when you reunited Miss Myrt and Miss Katherine, I actually cried!! Thanks again for sharing your story. I wish you and your family many years of making happy memories in your Southern Romance Home! ❤ Katie O'Connor from Toms River, NJ
    P.S. I was SO happy you got to keep the kitchen sink!

    April 23, 2017

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