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Coffee. An open letter to you.

 coffee cup  smile 

Dear Coffee.

I miss you. That is all.


Actually that is not all. 

Here’s the raw truth. Some days I feel like I cannot survive another minute without you in my life. Has it really only been 14 days? Somehow waking up this past two weeks and not being able to take in your invigorating smell is too much to bear.

So I keep asking myself, along with those who work and live with me, why did I bother to stop drinking coffee in the first place? That’s probably the best question ever. 

We have just holidayed in the South – yes, at our Southern Romance home right smack near the end of Mardi Gras. We experienced the sights and sounds of moon pies and beads not only in Mobile, Alabama, the actual birthplace of the event but also in New Orleans too on Bourbon Street. Now there’s enough content for a few more blogs, but I digress. 

Back to Mardi Gras, if you didn’t know its ends on Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, marking the start of 40 days of Lent – the time period to make things right with God and deprive yourself of whatever you feel will draw you closest to clearing out bad with good. So, considering the time of year, here’s the the top 3 reactions I get:

1. I didn’t know you were Catholic? That’s funny I always say, I didn’t know Lent was for Catholics only. Well, I only dare say that if I know the attempt at humour will land well.

2. Did you give up coffee for Lent? OK. If I’m real honest. No. No I did not. I did however know that my dear friend Judy was going to give up java for Lent and since we were on holiday together, I knew I would find comfort in her enduring the same agony I would muster through. Strength in numbers was my theory.

3. Why would you do that? Now hear me out. I can understand the Starbuck’s CEO asking me that question. In fact, I’ve wondered if Tim Horton’s or Starbucks actually see a drop in cafe revenue prior to Easter. If you know the answer, please tell me. 

But back to my friends’ questions as to why on God’s green earth would I stop partaking in the roasted bean of life. I’m a little taken aback. I don’t exercise much, I don’t run, my diet could use a little help, and so seriously?

I try to make a healthy decision and I get treated as if I’ve made the dumbest inane decision of my life. But maybe they are the wise ones because after half a month of being caffeine-free with nary a drop of coffee in my system – I’m beginning to wonder the same thing. 

At first I was all excited because after a few days I was convinced the dark under my eyes was lighting up as well as the freckles placed under my eyes….ah, who am I kidding? They aren’t freckles, they are age spots. This made me quite excited. Until this week. They are back like a bad flu that never goes away.

And no other positive benefits have presented themselves. So here’s the thing. 

I am back again in the South for the big reveal this week of my Southern Romance project – a time of celebration and excitement, of getting up early to sit on the front porch swing and listen to the birds chirp, the dogs bark, while enjoying a steaming cup of strong-brewed … lemon water? Ugh, really?

Please someone. Send me reasons why quitting coffee is a good idea and what benefits I can expect. Do it soon. I’m fading fast….

And to all of you who have given something up for Lent, I congratulate you  – be strong, be encouraged and most of all be blessed.

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  1. Lyle Huisman #

    Esther, I applaud your good intentions to give up coffee for the sake of good health. However, there are many other delightful foods we consume that are far more dangerous to our health than coffee. Let’s start with sugar. Reducing sugar in our diets will yield far more health benefits than denying ourselves that invigorating, satisfying morning cup of Joe. I successfully quit coffee for Lent a few years back. It was a tough six weeks, but the spiritual depth of that experience was amazing. You see, I did not think I was capable of denying myself of my favorite part of each day, my 6:15 AM mug of fresh-ground coffee. The journey could only be taken one day at a time. On Easter Sunday morning that year, that first cup of coffee, after a six week absence, was the best cup ever! If you really miss your friend coffee, my advice is that the two of you should get back together. Lyle Huisman

    February 24, 2016
  2. Anonymous #

    Great job Esther!
    This is my one vice that I keep. Peggy H., HTS

    February 25, 2016

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