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Does it come in pink?

Oh boy. Did I ever love this machine.

Oh boy. Did I ever love this machine.

I experienced a thing of beauty last week.

I held in my hands a pneumatic air nailer. Better yet, I actually got to fire it off and nail my new, personally hand-crafted butcher block top to my old kitchen cabinet base, producing a one of a kind kitchen island of beautifulness.

I cannot lie. I want my very own air nailer now. Right now.

In pink, please and thank you.

In fact, I was so excited about the prospects of having my own, I was pretty disappointed that my local blue big box home improvement store in Alabama had nothing of the sort sitting on the shelf, waiting for me.

Since I am far from being a girly-girl, you might think that it’s weird for me to walk into a DIY store and want a complete hand tool line specifically designed for us girls. You know, lighter-weight, simple to operate and yes, you guessed it – in the colour pink.  But hey, I think that it’s more about the rebel in me – going against the grain of commonness.

Anyways, let’s get back to this blog post. And the story of my kitchen island…

Just hanging out in my new old kitchen island

Just hanging out in my new-old kitchen island

OK, I said I did it all. As if I single-handedly designed, measured, cut and assembled this DIY project. Not true. It was a team effort.

Sure, it was me who had been dreaming about this restoration project ever since I bought the house last August. I spied the cabinet in the old kitchen with its old cupboard feel and steel cabinet catches – sigh.

I knew it could be done but just didn’t know where to start.

KariAnne and Denton from Thistlewood Farms. What a great team!

KariAnne and Denton from Thistlewood Farms. What a great team!

Enter KariAnne Wood of the famed Thistlewood Farm in Kentucky. She’s best known to us at Phantom for being one of the eight national bloggers who came to our April event, which we held to show off my Southern Romance home project and promote our Phantom Screens’ product ideas. You’d do yourself a favour if you read her blog – that gal can write!

But this week, not only did the talented Miss KariAnne come to the house but so did her tool-bearing and skilled handyman husband Denton – or “Denny” as she calls him.  What a wonderful, kind, gentle soul.

I know we are not supposed to covet our neighbour’s man-servant, ox or other stuff but, hokey doo, could I ever conquer the world if I had a husband at my side like KariAnne’s! It is a thing of sheer delight to watch her proclaim: “Hey babe, follow this. What if you just do this with that and then that over here with this?”

Before I knew it – bingo, bango, bongo!

There stood my brand-spanking new kitchen island ready for staining and painting. Unfortunately family duty called for all of us and we had to pack our bags and flee home – leaving the final touches until my next trip.

Hammering legs. That became corbels. Honest.

Hammering legs. That became corbels. Honest.

And in case you’re wondering. Even though my dear husband is not into supporting my wood-working projects, I could list a page of other things he’s pretty great at – starting with the fact that he actually agreed to support the pursuit of my wing nut idea (bucket list #67) to restore a Southern home.

I am not taking this marital contribution for granted by any means, but I can’t help wonder just how far I can push my luck with the rest of my hair-brained dreams on my bucket list.

You know, like having a lavender farm. Or restoring another house in … oh, never mind.

Anyways, make my day and comment below what crazy thing is on your bucket list and what you need to make it happen?

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  1. Can’t to see the finished island! I am very lucky to have tool wrangling husband and a pneumatic nailer – a couple of them…nailers not husbands 😉

    September 12, 2015
  2. Anonymous #

    Great blog! Love your passion for old homes. Your videos on ” southern romance” gave me ideas on how to add screening to our glassed in front porch when we repair it. My husband and I are restoring an old four square house that flooded (13′ of water) in North Dakota. Found your blog through Thistlewood, via Pinterest. Lorin

    December 13, 2015
  3. In case you haven’t made the bug purchase yet……. I’m fortunate to own what I consider to be a step above a compressor dependent nailer. The one I bought is a Paslode cordless angled finish nailer powered by a very small gas cartridge and a rechargeable battery, what a joy to not only forgo dragging that hose but the ‘no compressor noise’ concept is what got me! It’s shot many a nail for me with no problems so I can fully endorse it.
    However, DeWalt has recently come out with a new cordless finish nailer that runs on a lithium ion battery and needs neither a compressor nor a gas cartridge. Had that been available when I bought mine it would have come home with me!
    Unfortunately neither of these babies come in pink 😞, the Paslode is their trademark orange and the DeWalt their usual Yellow and black……..sigh….maybe one day!
    I too love the Thistlewood Farms blog, they are a very talented couple! Awesome that they’re helping you with your project!!

    January 27, 2016
  4. I forgot to mention that I saw the island on KariAnne’s blog and it’s fabulous!! While reading it I was adding yet another item to my bucket list… find a similar cabinet I could turn into an island for the tiny kitchen in the circa 1940’s military building that is our future retirement home. It’s not too far from Mobile, if you head east on Highway 98 you’d find us in the FL panhandle.
    I’m currently adding 60″ high beadboard to walls of the main bath and that Paslode and I have been busy! My current bucket list item is researching exactly what part this building played during WW II, I know I t was located in the Panama City area then sold as surplus and moved to it’s present location in 1947. I’ve been working on this for quite some time and have had some great help from the ladies in the local history room at the Bay County library, have read I don’t know how many books about the area during the war and am currently looking at deeds for that era…..slow going but one day I’ll find it!

    January 27, 2016

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