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Technology, door screen testing and crossing continents

Door screen test labDid you know that you can buy a GoPro camera from an airport vending machine?

I didn’t.

But I do now, because we bought one at Dallas Fort Worth on the way to the Southern Romance project in Alabama.

But I digress.

I just wanted to share this picture – which was taken on that actual GoPro camera – of our temporary door screen testing “laboratory” set up in our building.

I’m not going to share what we were testing – y’know TOP SECRET and all that. Besides, if I told you’d I’d have to shoot you and that would be a shame.

Anyways, in this great picture with me in the middle is Oltu our product design engineer on my right and Keith our projects manager on the left.

Oltu is originally from Turkey (5,981 miles away from our factory) and Keith is from Scotland (4,410 miles away).

And now their paths have crossed with mine here in this little corner of Canada.

How cool is that? So many skills and so much experience from across the world gathered together in a small room in Abbotsford, BC.

All of which to say: I’m so incredibly thankful for the people of Phantom Screens – and the thirteen different nationalities they represent.

No matter the distance they’ve travelled, the stories they share or the experiences they’ve had, their knowledge, character and hearts are what make this company special.

I know I’m not cool. Or down with the kids.

But I am #blessed.

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  1. Rachel #

    And we are #blessed with you at the helm!

    July 13, 2015

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